Yoshiaki Ito Portfolio

Since 1999, Yoshiaki Ito has carved out an enduring artistic legacy defined by simplicity and authenticity. This comprehensive biography highlights his contributions to wooden crafts, toys, playsets, and puzzles. Yoshiaki's journey began in the vibrant artistic hub of Brooklyn, New York. Collaborating with distinguished artists, he honed his skills, while his academic pursuits led him to delve into sculpture studies at the City University of New York. His innovative approach to wooden crafts and puzzles has made him a prominent figure in the field.

In 2008, Yoshiaki Ito's career took a significant leap as a product designer at David Weeks Studio, where he spearheaded the integration of innovative technologies into wooden crafts. Notably, the creation of Cubebot in 2009 marked a turning point, crystallizing his commitment to crafting mesmerizing wooden puzzles. This biography illustrates his journey and the milestones that have defined his career.

Yosegi stool by Yoshiaki Ito Kumiko Chair by Yoshiaki Ito
Ito 5-Piece Wood Puzzle at MoMA

Today, Yoshiaki Ito continues to shape the realm of wooden crafts, puzzles, and design with his unwavering creativity and innovation. This biography encapsulates his dedication to his craft and his ability to blend traditional techniques with modern design principles, setting him apart as a true artist in the world of wooden puzzles and toys.