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Since his relocation to the United States in 1999, Yoshiaki Ito has embarked on an artistic journey characterized by simplicity and authenticity. As a talented designer and creator, Yoshiaki has significantly impacted the world of wooden toys, wooden playsets, wooden crafts, and wooden puzzles. His passion for design and craftsmanship has left an indelible mark on the industry.

Yoshiaki's artistic journey began amidst the vibrant backdrop of Brooklyn, New York, where he worked alongside distinguished artists and designers, including Kevin Kelly, Fiona Westfal, and Patrick Keesey. During this time, he meticulously honed his craft, experimenting with an eclectic range of materials and refining his craftsmanship through a variety of creative processes.

His path took an academic turn as Yoshiaki pursued formal education, ultimately culminating in his study of sculpture at the City University of New York.

In 2008, the next chapter of his journey led him to a coveted role as a product designer at David Weeks Studio. Here, Yoshiaki's creativity knew no bounds as he ventured into the design of lighting fixtures, interior objects, and the realm of wooden toys and wooden playsets. His foresight was evident as he introduced innovative technologies like 3D CAD, rapid prototyping, and CNC machining into his designs, setting new benchmarks for innovation in the world of wooden crafts.

A defining moment in Yoshiaki's career arrived in 2009 when he crafted the immensely successful puzzle toy, Cubebot. This wooden marvel transcended into a multi-million dollar sensation and received international acclaim, even gracing the exhibitions of Milano Salone. This achievement solidified his fundamental design philosophy - to craft interactive and multifaceted wooden puzzles that captivate and inspire.

In 2015, Yoshiaki embarked on a new creative chapter, joining Fortiac Corporation, where he seamlessly infused Japanese aesthetics into his creations. It was here that he introduced the brand TAMEN, embodying the essence of multifaceted and multisensory design in the world of wooden crafts. A standout accomplishment during this period was the Yosegi stool, a product of his ingenuity, which garnered four prestigious design awards.

2018 saw Yoshiaki take his talents to 212box architecture, where he ventured into architectural design, infusing Japanese aesthetics into a diverse array of projects. His Kumiko three-dimensional ceiling tiles, in particular, found favor among clients, serving as a testament to his versatility in various design domains, including wooden crafts.

Kumiko Chair

The year 2021 marked yet another pivotal moment in Yoshiaki's illustrious journey when his licensed creation, the Ito 5-Piece Wood Puzzle, was unveiled at the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) in New York City. This wooden masterpiece quickly became a sensation, captivating audiences with its innovative design and craftsmanship. Its triumph at MoMA reaffirmed Yoshiaki's enduring influence on the world of wooden crafts, wooden puzzles, and imaginative design.

Ito 5-Piece Wood Puzzle

In 2023, Yoshiaki unveiled his latest groundbreaking creation - Morphits® - a revolutionary innovation that has redefined the world of wooden toys and home decor. Morphits® have garnered international acclaim, earning utility and design patents, proudly carrying the trademark that attests to their unmatched uniqueness, exceptional quality, and status as an award-winning wooden toy.

Today, Yoshiaki Ito continues to push the boundaries of creativity, leaving an indelible mark on the world of wooden toys, wooden playsets, wooden crafts, wooden puzzles, furniture, and home decor through his innovative and multifaceted creations.