Yoshiaki Ito portrait

Since 1999, Yoshiaki Ito has shaped an artistic legacy marked by simplicity and authenticity, impacting wooden toys, playsets, crafts, and puzzles.

Beginning in Brooklyn, New York, Yoshiaki collaborated with distinguished artists, refining his craft. Academic pursuits led to sculpture studies at the City University of New York.

In 2008, as a product designer at David Weeks Studio, Yoshiaki pioneered innovative technologies in wooden crafts. The 2009 creation of Cubebot marked a pivotal moment, solidifying his philosophy of crafting captivating wooden puzzles.


Kumiko Chair


Transitioning in 2015 to Fortiac Corporation, Yoshiaki seamlessly incorporated Japanese aesthetics, earning accolades for creations like the Yosegi stool. Venturing into architectural design in 2018, his Kumiko three-dimensional ceiling tiles showcased versatility.

Ito 5 piece Puzzle

The year 2021 marked a milestone with the Ito 5-Piece Wood Puzzle at MoMA, captivating audiences. In 2023, Yoshiaki introduced Morphits®, earning international acclaim for redefining wooden toys and home decor.

Today, Yoshiaki Ito continues to shape the world of wooden crafts, puzzles, and design with unwavering creativity and innovation.