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Review: Echoes of Joy - Happy Customers Share Their Experiences

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Based on 4 reviews
A cool figure

So, this one looks amazing, it has a lot of points to pose it, the jaws open. My son loved it, and tried to put it in the same position as his cat LOL, a fun toy, that can also look good on a desk

Thank you, Juan! I'm glad you liked the tiger. It took me a while to figure out how to design realistic tiger legs that look and function accurately.

Amazing figure

Loved it, it's a bit bigger than what I expected, and I cant believe how it fit in the small box, it looks good, it seems strong, it can get a few seconds to get to pose it properly but overall Im happy with the purchase

Thank you so much, Juan. I hope you can enjoy posing Monkey. Monkeys are very articulate, so you can try many poses! Flip them upside down, hang them from trees, and so on.

Adorable hippo!

This hippo is so much fun! The attention to detail of the facial features, especially the mouth that opens, makes all the difference.
Putting him back into a rectangle to fit him in the box is pretty easy. The difficulty is more in ensuring you rotate the correct way for the tightness of the string.
I gave this four stars due to the fact that my product has two holes in the mouth, with the hole being used up closer to his teeth. This makes the string impossible to miss when his mouth is open.

Hello Kourtney,
I greatly appreciate your review, and I'm sorry to learn about the problem you encountered with the mouth of the Hippo. Your feedback is invaluable as it guides us toward continuous improvement. Could you please send pictures of the issue to Rest assured, I'll arrange for a replacement to be sent your way.
Thank you once again for sharing your experience and helping us make Morphits even better.

Monkey Love

I love my monkey. It's a fun and cute design object, that looks great sitting on my bookcase. Makes a great gift for people who "already have everything."

Thank you, Patrik! Your continued support for Morphits is greatly appreciated. Your dedication is a vital pillar of the Morphits project's success.